We're humbled by the praise we receive.

"Thanks for all the support guys! Really you guys are awesome, sometimes you leave me speechless. You guys take support to a different level. I appreciate your level of commitment and communication on getting things resolved."

Leading specialty retailer of personal expression products

"When I work with you, you're everything I expect from a vendor. Smart, Responsive, Responsible and you take things to the hole. I can’t say that about other vendors I work with. I know when I ask you for something, you won’t let me down and I admire that a lot. I have similar shoes here when it comes to supporting the retail stores. I wear many hats from technician manager. I’m young and just started my career here, so I always have to look for ways to improve myself on a day to day basis. When I work with someone like you, it helps me grow. Hopefully as I grow into whatever position I’m given, I can come out being as professional and well-rounded as you. I’m fortunate to have good people around me, in my case my supervisor is also my mentor and he agrees that you’re someone we can learn from when it comes to customer support."

Leading specialty retailer of personal expression products

“Just checking in to say that I miss working with you. Working with another consulting firm helps me to realize how lucky I was/am to work with you!  I hope all is well with you!”

Raj, Project Manager, New Jersey

“I have never had a recruiter work so hard for me, and for that I sincerely thank you, you all have really been great.”

Mary, Software Developer, Ohio

“I thank you and truly appreciate your follow up, honesty and direct communication skills. I have added you to my linkedin contacts. You are one of the few truly good honest and fighter recruiters out there and would like to continue working with you on this and other opportunities.”

John, Engineer, New York

 “Your teams have been a huge asset in providing us with the type of candidates we require, they have the capability of identifying the specific skill sets required and submitting qualified candidates. We have hired several people from his company and all of them have the ability and skill sets to get up to speed with very little training required. All candidates have a positive attitude and are willing to take the initiative to meet our objectives as communicated. They all have good work ethics and are extremely dependable, I would recommend that if we have any open positions you contact Tekmark and let them know what you are looking for, I’m sure they will be able to provide you with qualified candidates.”

Large Local Exchange Carrier and Digital Subscriber Line Provider

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for locating and submitting qualified candidates, we have had numerous companies send us candidates who do not have the skill sets required to perform the function of this job, even though the requisition states what these candidates require from a skill set perspective. You have identified the skill sets we require and located numerous candidates for us to choose from. So far we have hired XX people from your organization and could not be happier with their attitude and their ability”

Multi-national Banking and Financial Services Company

“I wanted to extend this thank you, you continue to go above and beyond working internally within your organization to provide us with outstanding people in such a short time frame. I truly enjoy collaborating and working with you and your team as we continue to see our organization expand with more outstanding people presented to us by TEKMARK.”

Large Local Exchange Carrier and Digital Subscriber Line Provider

“I want to take a few minutes to extend my appreciation for your support throughout my project. You have demonstrated all the positive attributes of a true business partner. And, without question, supported my team on every element that confronted us.”

Worldwide Leader in the design, development and manufacture of communications systems, software and products

“As I am reflecting about the pros and cons of the project, I realize that you assembled exactly the right resources that met both our and the Clients stringent requirements. You have worked with us on repeated adjustments, whether it was a financial adjustment, a people issue, a process change, or a client demand, always demonstrating your flexibility and commitment as a business partner and focus to achieve business objectives.”

Large US wireless communications service provider

“I also appreciated your open communication with me at all times and your dedication to us. You also earned my confidence by your availability at all hours, day or night, business day, weekend or holiday. “

Large US wireless communications service provider

“Tekmark has demonstrated how a network operations business partner can successfully perform at all levels. On behalf of my team and myself, I want to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation and to let you know we hope to have the many more mutual successes in the future.”

Worldwide Leader in the design, development and manufacture of communications systems, software and products

“It is always a pleasure to know when partnerships are mutual and that we can forge relations with companies who rise above others and consistently strive to contribute to all facets of our business growth.”

Global Payment Technology Company

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