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Tekmark is guided by a team with an average of 15 years with the company. They are not only experienced and dedicated, but they bring their own personal zeal for technology services to the office every single day. Our team strives to help clients stay ahead of the competition and meet their ever-evolving needs. From cutting edge solutions to custom concepts and designs, they have a broad mix of talent, capabilities and resources that continuously position Tekmark as the company that’s driving the industry forward.

Picture of Guy DelGrande

Guy DelGrande


As a hands-on CEO, Guy imparts his own brand of energetic leadership, vision and spirit to help guide Tekmark’s strategic direction.

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Picture of Tracey DelGrande

Tracey DelGrande


Since 1995, Tekmark has called upon its now COO for her expertise in any variety of areas including Staffing, Marketing, HR and MIS Operations.

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Picture of Rocco Ciccone

Rocco Ciccone

Director, Engineering & Product Development

After joining Tekmark in 2001 as the technical Lead on LMOS, Rocco's skills quickly fast-tracked his career into a director role in 2009.

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Picture of Jeff Cortley

Jeff Cortley

VP, Engineering Services and Solutions

Responsible for overseeing our Red Bank Solutions Center, Jeff provides our clients with a full spectrum of engineering services and software development capabilities.

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Picture of Vima Dorawala

Vima Dorawala

Recruiting Director

As a Recruiting Director, Vima's extensive full life cycle recruitment experience ensures that every candidate we place always meets our clients’ needs.

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Picture of Keith Klain

Keith Klain

Executive Director, Head of Software Quality Management

As Executive Director, Keith is responsible for overseeing all aspects of our Software Quality Management practice.

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Picture of Louis Matino

Louis Matino

Director of Operations, Managed Services

Louis has been especially effective at growing customer relationships and identifying process improvements curing flaws in both projects and operational processes.

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Picture of Joshua Speicher

Joshua Speicher

Chief Information Security Officer

As CISO, Joshua is responsible for overseeing security services at TekSecure Labs, while ensuring our infrastructure and processes are protected.

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Picture of Leonard A. Semon

Leonard A. Semon

VP, Telecom Professional Services

For the last decade, leading Telecommunications companies have called upon Len’s expertise at implementing start-up Network Operations Centers worldwide.

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Picture of Kenneth Smyth

Kenneth Smyth

VP, Sales Engineering

Kenneth is responsible for strategy, business development, management, and operations of fixed cost projects, with particular emphasis on entirely outsourced engagements.

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