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Support: Help Desk Services

Support: Help Desk Services
New York, NY

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Support: Help Desk Services

Job Location:

New York, NY

Job Category:

IT - Architect/Engineer

Required Skills:

SCCM, Power Shell
Job Description:
-Client is seeking a Desktop Automation Engineer

-Responsible for ensuring desktop, device engineering and ensuring configuration standards are met.
-Engineer desktops, printers and devices in support of NYCHHC mission critical goal of providing service excellence in patient care
-Work collaboratively with vendor's systems engineer to design, develop, plan and implement design solutions
-Develop strong aptitude for service automation using PowerShell scripting techniques along with aptitude for process improvements and automation
-Develop strong System Configuration Center Manager (SCCM) engineering expertise and Desktop Infrastructure
-Consults with device and application engineers to design best in class solution for desktop and device application solutions, including configuration management, repairs, maintenance or operations of the New York City Health and Hospital Desktop Computer Systems
-Test and Package applications for desktop and device deployments leveraging service automation tools
-Build desktop, device images, application and release packages to desktops and supp0rted devices
-Troubleshoot and resolve desktop application issues, with the ability to identify and proactively resolve ongoing desktop issues
-Actively suggests changes that enhance operations or customer service
-Demonstrates experience in technologies, applications or platforms within the client's interconnected systems
-Defines tasks, deliverables and is reasonably accurate in estimating the effort required to accomplish tasks such as software packaging, desktop distribution, and automation of such procedure
-Provides a high degree of expertise related to SCCM, along with a deep understanding of desktop and application delivery including the tools and systems that support the environment
-Ensuring health of SCCM infrastructure, leveraging SCCM's capabilities, improving current processes through automation, development of documentation in support of a Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
-Providing support, installation, integration, configuration and day-to-day operations
-Prioritizing projects for day to day technical support and timely resolution of end-users desktop related issues, incident tickets and optimal restoration solution provided to end-users
-Providing direct, over the phone or remote troubleshooting of end-user and local technical staff's desktop, equipment, application, device communication and connectivity issues in a timely fashion
-Imaging, Installing, diagnosing, repairing, maintaining, and upgrading desktop, devices, equipment, software applications and operating system
-Support all hardware, software and application patch management, Add, Change, Move, Install, Imaging, Upgrade of desktops, printers, scanners, devices, equipment and ensure optimal performance of the end-user workstations
-Testing and ensuring desktop computers interconnect seamlessly with diverse systems including associated validation systems, file servers, email servers, application servers, and administrative systems to help minimize end-users downtime
-Where and when restoration activities are beyond the scope of the Desktop Automation Engineer, work with tier 3 and vendors to troubleshoot and develop solutions as the case may be
-Performs general preventative and remedial maintenance tasks on computers, laptops, printers and any other authorized peripheral equipment
-Customize desktop hardware to meet user specifications and site standards
-Performs work in compliance within specified warranty requirements and returns defective equipment/parts to maintenance inventory, document customer repairs, maintains and restocks assigned parts inventory
-Promptly analyzing incident tickets and end-user incoming call problems and support requests to determine restoration strategy and approach
-Use diagnostic tools to troubleshoot problems associated with network connectivity, and workstation hardware/software and applications leveraging tools capabilities and methodologies to load, copy and customize operating system configurations
-Working with vendor support contacts to resolve technical issues within the desktop environment
-Accurately and promptly record incident/issue and service request ticket work logs and service restoration activities in the incident management system with the date, time and restoration activities summaries
-Developing in-depth skills and technical knowledge of each system and sub-systems in current and new technologies
-Maintains adequate and industry awareness of knowledge of operating systems, service automation methodologies and application deployment
-Maintains, follows and consistently demonstrates a general knowledge of WCG/EITS and NYCHHC guidelines, processes, practices and procedures
-Ensures that there is sufficient support to clients and provide friendly customer service to end-users and for local project implementations
-Preparing and willing to do any other reasonable and lawful instruction/task on time and correctly
-Managing time efficiently, effectively, set priorities appropriately, schedule calls, able to maintain professional demeanor under stress and operate within customer standard operating procedures without abuse
-Maintaining proper grooming and adhering to attendance and timesheet policy standards

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