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Content Routing Java Developer

Content Routing Java Developer
Middletown, NJ
Multi Year

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Job Title:

Content Routing Java Developer

Job Location:

Middletown, NJ

Job Category:

IT - Developer - Web

Required Skills:

Java, J2EE, DNS, HTTPS, Linux, Shell, json
Job Description:
- Content Routing Java Developer

Responsibilities & Qualifications:
Enhancing and maintaining JAVA backend software for creating complex policies and routing rules for a DNS based load balancer.
Enhancing and maintaining JAVA backend software for highly scalable doing network polls like HTTP(S) GETs, PINGs, TCP connects
Packaging applications into different formats: Solaris packages, Linux Debian and RPMs and AT&T proprietary formats.
Knowledge of BGP protocol is preferred. Enhancements will be required to BGP data based path selection process implemented in the application.
Knowledge of advanced Bash/Ksh Shell scripting is required
Knowledge of some level of perl scripting is highly desirable
Must be an expert J2SE JAVA programmer with experience with JAVA 8 features like lambda expressions etc.
Must be expert at socket programing with JAVA NET and NIO packages.
Knowledge of RDMS and SQL is required. Must have good understanding of SQL transactions.
Knowledge of JSON, REST and XML is required. Must be able to serialize/deserialize JSON/XML from REST web service calls.
Must possess good communication skills and be self motivated

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