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WAN/LAN/Security Engineering.

WAN/LAN/Security Engineering.
Middletown, NJ
Multi Year

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Job Title:

WAN/LAN/Security Engineering.

Job Location:

Middletown, NJ

Job Category:

IT - Architect/Engineer - Security

Required Skills:

CCNP, CCIE, Cisco, Perl, Python, Linux, BGP, EDGE, SD WAN
Job Description:
WAN/LAN/Security Networking Engineer

Hands on experience with product installation, configuration, and lab integration testing. Candidate will predominantly work with customer edge equipment. This group provides the edge routers, switches, firewalls, (~ 2000 end points)
Job involves setting up, integrating, testing, and creating MOPS for new equipment prior to deployment into the production network and helping to drive the technology roadmap for implementing new services such as SD-WAN, Virtualized network functions, etc into the customer's network
Firepower ASA and IDPS exposure is a must have, doesn't need to be at a SME level, but basic competence. IPSec is a must have as well.
Senior Level Engineer to support WAN/LAN/Security Engineering .

Looking for someone with hands on experience configuring and administrating network security devices - specifically Cisco Firepower ( their Firewall product) , Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance, and ideally would have some familiarity with other security appliances like SIEM (Security incident and event manager), Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (IDS) , etc. Someone that can do an installation, configure, set up zones, pull logs, verify policies. Since this is in the lab it's more about how to get the box installed and talking to the rest of the network, pulling the right information etc -=--so it's not a SOC analyst person but someone that does installation/configuration/integration of the devices
This is not a client facing role and would be predominantly supporting Network infrastructure and working with the operations centers. We are looking for someone to help design and test technologies that will be used at regional/branch offices
Cisco Routing/Switching, LAN/WAN, Security - Firepower ASA/IDPS, SD-WAN, Virtualization, UCS-E blade servers, Testing hardware/software platforms, IPSec, DMVPN, EIGRP, BGP. System Administration, Scripting (VB, Perl, Python, Expect), Linux
CCNP or CCIE certification desired.

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