Data Analyst
Omaha, NE

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Data Analyst

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Omaha, NE

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IT - Analyst - Data

Required Skills:

data analysis, MS Excel
Job Description:
-Client is seeking a Data Analyst

-Client requires five (5) Data Analysts to conduct Excel-based data analysis and create presentations to share results. The Data Analysts must demonstrate strong Excel data analysis skills (including pivot tables, vlookup, and sumif formulas) and PowerPoint presentation skills. Familiarity with Sapience productivity management tool a plus. (See below for more on Sapience and how it is going to be used at Client)

-Data Analysts will be responsible for manipulating raw data from Sapience in Excel (Client will provide the extract, the Data Analyst doesn't need to worry about this), using Excel charts and formula functions to analyze cleansed data, and using PowerPoint to create presentations of final results (charts and tables).
-Data Analysts will be provided with a step-by-step user guide for the assignment and will be expected to work independently to complete the assigned tasks.
-Attention to detail is critical throughout - especially during the data cleansing and final analysis steps in the process.
-Sapience is a computer based productivity management tool that captures PC activity to provide insights that inform management decisions.
-Currently, Sapience is deployed on 5,000 company computers with a plan to deploy to an additional 15,000 computers by the end of 2019.
-Client is assembling a team to analyze the data captured by Sapience in each of these new deployments with the objective of identifying productivity opportunities and equipping department managers with insights to improve the performance of their teams.

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