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Quality Assurance Engineering IV

Quality Assurance Engineering IV
Trenton, NJ
6-12 Months

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Job Title:

Quality Assurance Engineering IV

Job Location:

Trenton, NJ

Job Category:

IT - Architect/Engineer

Required Skills:

Git, json, API, card services
Job Description:
The Client is looking for Quality Assurance Engineering IV

? Execute integration, system, feature interaction, stress, performance testing for product solutions.
? Analyze and understand product requirements to enable software test case creation by
participating in requirement gathering & analysis.
? Create and evaluate test cases for accuracy and applicability for products under test.
? Communicate testing progress through creating and maintaining test plans.
? Provide all stakeholders with clear and real-time updates regarding test
status, bug status, and overall quality about the product by monitoring failures, reporting
bugs, analyzing & triaging automated tests.
? Find bugs and validate specifications through black box testing techniques (like test
matrices, combination testing, and risk analysis) and gray box testing techniques (like
database querying and source code analysis).
? Work side-by-side with the development team on testing in parallel and automating tests
in the sprints.
? Design and implement tools that improve efficiency in manual testing.

Basic Qualifications for Consideration:
? BS in an engineering discipline, preferably computer science or engineering, or
equivalent work experience
? Proficient in black box, functional, and user flow testing technique. Have an eagle-eye
for test coverage gaps, false positives or negatives. Constantly raise concerns about
issues you notice, in or out of your area of ownership.
? Experience testing APIs and mobile apps.
? Experience with software development tools (IDE, debugger, git, JIRA, etc).
? Familiarity with JSON objects, SQL queries, data structures, log file analysis, etc.
? Have a minimum of 4+ years of experience in writing reliable and maintainable
automated tests.
? Constantly looking for better solutions to bring down automation flakiness and increase
automation reliability over time.
Constantly thinking ahead and building for future changes in an ever-changing mobile

Preferred Skills, Experience, and Education
? Card industry experience.
? Able to champion quality practices within a team or within the organization

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