Device Testing

A major cell phone company needed a low-cost solution which involved a widely-dispersed group of testers to provide well-documented device feedback. The solution? Tekmark first built out a low-cost program utilizing techs with programming and wireless backgrounds at hourly rates to develop detailed test plans and perform feature and sanity testing. We then recruited and mobilized a highly-skilled team of MSCS or MSEE students in N.J., IL & CA to complete the testing.

Client Benefits:
Provided a team of on-call, pre-qualified resources

Allowed simple "swap out" of team members and training material

Trained new team members, providing a team of on-call, pre-qualified resources, allowing no cost conversion to fulltime, signing a blanket service contract, maintaining a single point of contact for scheduling and time approval, and fulfilling national deployment capabilities and off-site as well.

Technology/Skill Sets: Email Client, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, UI, MMA, Calling Application, GIN(Get it now), Ringers, key Pad functionality and BREW PEK Test Kit; PDAs/ Smartphones; GoodLink, and Intellisync.

Number of Resources: 150