O&M Hubs & POPs

When a major U.S. telecom needed a skilled support staff at the Hubs and POPS throughout the country fulfilling all the Field Tier 1 positions nationwide, supplemented Build Management, provided remote and deployed Power Support, provided Order Management, managed a nationwide inventory.

We helped accelerate time to market for their plans
We helped enhance network performance
We co-managed their daily operations
We developed and implemented culturally acceptable processes
We provided turn-key suite of HR Management Services
We gave them and easily manageable virtual staff with non-union work force at a 60% cost reduction
We helped them manage their growing market share without escalated problems for over 5 years

Technologies/Skill Sets: 5ESS, DMS, DACS, T1, Sonet, OC192, and DWDM

Number of Resources: 227

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