Long Distance Strategic NOC

When a major U.S. telecom was ready to expedite the implementation of a strategic NOC to meet timelines to generate revenues, Tekmark was on the job.

The project included monitoring, surveillance, power maintenance, escalation management, traffic and alarm management. It also required consolidating all of their beta trials, developing their SOW, writing the job descriptions, recruiting and training personnel, and tech screening of all candidates to meet this rapid ramp up. Tekmark solved their problems by generating all of their technical management job descriptions, their first-ever all-management NOC.

Identified and placed a force that successfully matched the transition and business ramp
We gave the telecom cost certainty based on fixed pricing
We helped them offer fixed pay rates by job title & budgeted performance increases
We gave them a fully qualified, dedicated work force “on the load”
We helped develop a fully funded annual budgeted training plan
We gave them co-employment protection

Technology/Skill Sets: Monitoring, surveillance, provisioning, network optimization, traffic and configuration management

Number of Resources: 70

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