Mobile Platform Security Testing

Tekmark was asked to perform the security testing for a major U.S. telecom’s new mobile device application in the marketplace. The application allows customers to manage both a business side and a personal side of their Android-powered mobile devices. After going through the telecom’s Fast Pitch process using their newly established innovation centers in order to become a marketable product, the application then went through a comprehensive suite of vulnerability and penetration tests to ensure that data for both sides is kept separate. The personal side functions without restrictions; the work side was secured and could only run approved applications. The whole system was managed company-wide from a central Web portal. To accomplish this, Teksecure Labs underwent an intense interview process plus an evaluation of documentation and deliverables of their standard security testing processes. After reaching a successful outcome, Teksecure Labs was certified by the telecom to become one of their application security testing partners.

Client Benefits:
Tekmark’s security testing was exceptionally fast and thorough
We helped the telecom market their product to the public with confidence
Our team provided a pre-qualifies, on-demand, short-turnaround security testing capability that supports the telecoms time-to-market requirements for mobile applications

Technologies/Skill Sets: Mobile application vulnerability and penetration testing; web portal knowledge

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