Multiple Clients LMOS Software Maintenance

By licensing mission-critical Telecom LMOS (Loop Maintenance Operating System) from a major tech company, Tekmark was able to support over 150M Telephone Lines in the US. This included assuming total business ownership of sales, marketing, product management, development, installation, services, maintenance & support for four major customers. We were also crucial in transitioning a 20 member staff and labs in less than 3 months, with continued support for over 10 years.

Client Benefits:

Reduced customer maintenance contract prices by 30%

Increased customer satisfaction and quality metrics

Reduced project budget by 15% (reduced headcount & facilities costs, increased productivity, and reduced bureaucracy & corporate reporting)

Reduced overhead costs by 15% (no R&D taxes, small sales force, focused marketing programs, and “pay as needed” legal & other services)

 Sets:  UNIX, C, Informix, IBM mainframe, HP UNIX servers, and BEA Tuxedo.

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