Network Operations

When a major U.S. telecom was ready to deploy a large 3G Network in 13 major cities and needed the experienced resources to handle Network Operation functions in 3 months and support an accelerated 10 month build program, Tekmark was ready for the challenge.

By deploying a Network Operations Launch Team of nine people and Operations and Management Subject Matter Experts (81) to support creation of Operations Environment, NOC Center, and knowledge transfer program for 200 engineers.

Project details included:
Network Operations Launch
NOC Center Implementation
NOC Video Wall Tool development
200 Field People Trained at NOC facility
Intellectual Property creation (M&P’s, Processes, Interface Agreements)
Knowledge Transfer Plan implemented in a 10-month period.

Client Benefits:
Helped the telecom supplier gain recognition as a leading edge national level network operations service provider
Telecom experienced a faster time to market, quicker revenue generation
Client control over the network from launch date

Technology/Skill Sets:3G, NOC, 5ESS,  CDMA, and Knowledge Transfer

Number of Resources: 90


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