Tekmark, Sam Adams, & Angry Orchard Sponsor 2016 Restaurant Intelligence Conference

Tekmark Global Solutions, a top provider of information technology, managed services, and cyber security consulting to companies nationwide, sponsored the Marketing Vitals 2016 Restaurant Intelligence Conference held in Plano, Texas. Marketing Vitals, a cloud-based Restaurant Intelligent Company, hosted the event in which Tekmark and other restaurant purveyors including Samuel Adams, Angry Orchard, and Truly shared their perspectives on the application of technology to extract insights on customer behaviors and purchase patterns.

From effective incentives to executing successful business plans, restaurant owners are looking to become more sophisticated in their use of data analytics to gain insights about their customer demographic, seeking to improve their profits through more effective marketing. Tekmark’s managed Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi analytics provides restaurants with valuable data, such as individual store traffic, buying patterns, and comparisons between locations, to help franchise owners make better informed business decisions, maximizing their bottom line.

“With Guest Wi-Fi networks proliferating there’s a vast amount of data that can be collected, the challenge is converting this data into actionable insights,” states Jeff Cortley, Tekmark’s VP of Engineering Services and Solutions. “We’ve been working with a variety of retail merchants including quick serve restaurants, banks, and grocery chains to provide them with custom dashboards and reports that their marketing and operations teams use to enhance their planning and decision making”

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