The IT threats broadcast and distributed on the Internet seem to grow on a daily basis. A combination of seemingly unrelated vulnerabilities can quickly put a company in jeopardy with business-threatening downtime or the negative impact that results from a publicized hacker attack. TekSecure Labs uses the information it gathers with one goal in mind: to keep company networks operational and protected from malicious threats.

Vulnerability Scanning
Our security engineers use the best in class commercial tools, coupled with the latest open source tools to conduct vulnerability scanning of client’s networks. Whether conducted remotely against the internet facing perimeter or from the internal prospective from within your organization, our service is always manually reviewed by a certified senior security engineer.

Network Penetration Testing
We take vulnerability scanning to the next level by having seasoned security experts demonstrate and exploit vulnerabilities that may breach your network by running advanced, simulated full-scale cyber-attacks that cannot be conducted by tools alone.

Web and Mobile Application Security Testing
TekSecure Labs tests every web application component (B2B, B2C, custom application) for security vulnerabilities. This also includes testing against OWASP’s top 10 list.

With Mobile Applications being deployed at an increasing pace, Tekmark uses advanced security techniques to evaluate every major component of an iOS or Android mobile application. Each test determines the type of access an attacker may gain, then we build in protection level to prevent it from ever happening again.

Social Engineering
Tekmark's Social Engineering services test one of the greatest threats to organizations today — human interaction with your network that often involves tricking people into breaking normal security procedures. Performed either remotely or in person, our process identifies all risks using our People Process and Technology triad.

Wireless Security Testing
802.11 Wireless security testing focuses on the configuration and accessibility of wireless access points (WAP’s) connected to a corporate network. These can be devices that are authorized and deployed by the organization, or rogue devices set up by employees or someone else with access to the facility. Each identification is assessed for configuration information, vulnerabilities, and security settings.

Network Architecture Security Assessments
We believe that the best way to improve overall security is by making sure that both technology and process are designed to work seamlessly together. So our engineers start by reviewing the existing architecture network diagrams and current infrastructure configurations of firewalls, routers, switches and SSL VPN concentrators. Then, they review the administration and management processes that support that infrastructure. Upon completion, we then make a final recommendation.

Cloud Security Assessments
Cloud computing offers several key advantages to organizations, including speed to deploy, scalability, reduced costs, automation, availability, and increased flexibility. However, use of cloud technology also changes the risk landscape, impacting confidentiality, privacy, integrity and regulatory compliance. Therefore is critical to assess that the proper security controls are in place and that the new environment meets compliance requirements.

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