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One of Tekmark's biggest assets is that our Recruiting and Sales teams have the knowledge and expertise to understand your specific industry. Speaking your language — from regulations and requirements to the intricacies of each job category — helps us staff the right consultant the first time. Our team starts by understanding your company, its needs and what you’re looking for in an ideal candidate. Only then can our recruiters identify, screen and select candidates for your review. And because we truly take care of our consultants, our retention is one of the highest in the industry. Combine that with our advanced in-house tools, strong sales and support staff, and an involved leadership team you’ll get results every time.

“Your teams have been a huge asset in providing us with the type of candidates we require, they have the capability of identifying the specific skill sets required and submitting qualified candidates. We have hired several people from this company and all of them have the ability and skill sets to get up to speed with very little training required. All candidates have a positive attitude and are willing to take the initiative to meet our objectives as communicated. They all have good work ethics and are extremely dependable, I would recommend that if we have any open positions you contact Tekmark and let them know what you are looking for, I’m sure they will be able to provide you with qualified candidates.”

Director, Large Local Exchange Carrier and Digital Subscriber Line Provider

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