Hundreds of devices and apps trusted to Tekmark for over a decade.

Tekmark has single-handedly deployed over 1200 mobile device and application testers who have tested over 100 different types of Android devices on all OS versions, over 20 windows devices, and all Apple OS versions and iPhone models as well as Symbian OS, Nextel, Palm and Blackberry. These testing services include our Security testing services which include application and device vulnerability testing.

We have serviced over 75 custom OEM, Carrier and OS applications such as Amazon Kindle, Music, App Store, Audible VZW Navigator, Message+, Security and Protection Slacker Radio Google Translate, Play Store, Music, Photos, Maps, and Chrome.

OEM test specialties:

Feature Test (To validate functionalities defined in requirement specification – Bluetooth, WiFi, Near Field Communication, Multi Media, Messaging, Carrier Branded Services, Feature Interaction)    

Integration Test (To perform daily/weekly sanity test to ensure a product does not regress as components [Modem, 3rd party SW, Drivers, Features] are integrated)

System Test (Includes a wide spectrum of testing after integration)

Top Market Application Test (To test top market apps from Google Market Place)

Accessories (To test mobile accessories with handset)

Over The Air (To test before, during, and after OTA software upgrade)

Current Drain (To measure current drain on specific use cases against target values)

Stability Test (Automated repetitive test on core use cases to measure stability and extended use scenarios)

Key Performance Indicator (To measures key performance criteria)

Usability Test (Exploratory test beyond scripted testing to find defects that might result in product returns such as Performance, Battery, and Audio)


Carrier Standardized Test specialties:

Carrier Validation (to validate Operator test plans for Operator approval)

Google Submission Test (to validate Google test plans for Google approval)

Pre-Certification testing performed at client's facilities - Safe for Network (CDMA), AT&T 10776, IOT, Connectivity (BT, WiFi, NFC)

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