Over the past 10 years, Tekmark has supported over 40 service providers worldwide.

Communications Service Providers (CSP) around the globe rely on operational support systems to monitor and maintain the health of their networks, and service quality for their subscribers. These mission critical systems automate and perform the essential tasks related to fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security (FCAPS). As network technology continues to evolve and applications move to the cloud, operational support systems need to adapt and evolve as well. Tekmark plays a key role in the development, support, and maintenance of several of the largest, most complex, and critical applications in the industry. We work closely with leading CSP customers to help them transition their support system infrastructure to meet the requirements of Network Function Virtualization, Software Defined Networks, and network service application programming interfaces (API).

Previsor Network Manager at Tekmark: The Most Comprehensive Tool in the Industry.
As carriers merge, acquire new assets, introduce new network technologies, and bring to market new services they need a ‘single pane of glass’ from which to assess the end-to-end status and performance of their network.

That is why Tekmark offers Previsor, the industry's most comprehensive network management tool available to detect faults and traffic performance problems for telecom switches, routers, and border controllers. Previsor allows service providers to take preventative action to maintain a high quality of service (QOS) for their customers before service-affecting problems occur.

The Previsor Network Manager provides network level fault and performance management for time division multiplexing (TDM) switches and Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) network elements. It also enables telecom service providers to more effectively monitor, diagnose, and correct faults and traffic congestion across their networks.

LMOS at Tekmark: From Legacy to the Next Generation.
Tekmark is the selected licensee of the Alcatel-Lucent Loop Management Operations System (LMOS). The Loop is the portion of the telephone line that runs from the customer's telephone to the switch in the central office, where the line can be connected to the network. Tekmark Global Solutions has managed and maintained LMOS for over a decade. LMOS is central to the LEC's service assurance operations for residential and small business customers. LMOS serves as the data repository for the customer telephone line records and trouble history, and manages the entire lifecycle of a customer's request for repair services on their line, from trouble ticketing, trouble analysis and verification, distribution of trouble tickets to repair technicians, to final resolution.

Tekmark is responsible for the day-to-day management of the LMOS product, from both the business and engineering perspectives. This includes product management, customer support, feature development and deployment, and customer training.

Mobile, Cloud, and Emerging Technologies: Changing Operations Paradigms
Tekmark is working with many of the leading CSPs to evolve their operations (both systems and processes) to address the challenges of a virtualized, cloud-enabled, and mobile-centric network. We are providing expertise in IPTV/Content Delivery, LTE/RFID, Internet of Things (connected devices), and other emerging technologies to ensure that the people responsible for network continuity have the tools and information to perform their jobs effectively.

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Multiple Clients LMOS Software Maintenance

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Previsor Software Maintenance

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